Solvent free, non-drip, long-lasting interior wall and ceiling paint. Clay Decor can be applied to most interior surfaces such as Gyprock, timber, masonry, brick and fibre cement without priming.
Clay Décor can be used exterior in frost free regions and water protected areas.
Clay Decor is permeable to vapour and absorbs variations in humidity providing a more comfortable and healthy living environment.
Due to its high proportion of solids the Decor covers exceptionally well even while still wet.


Clay Colours & Sizes
White Clay Décor 5 & 10 litre
Off White Clay Décor 5 & 10 litre
Volvox has been awarded  the EU Eco Label

Clay Decor is made from natural and non-toxic raw materials.
Manufacturing process ensures ecological sustainability and avoids water pollution. The product will not charge electro static energy. When used according to manufacturer’s direction, the product is harmless to human and the environment.

Remove dirt, grease, oil and loose, peeling and flaking material. Fill cracks and holes with a filler. Sand the surface smooth after and remove all dust. Sandy and powdery surfaces should be primed with suitable primer such as VOLVOX Lasur Binder. Stains, water marks, nicotine etc. must be treated with a suitable oil based priming paint. Light sanding is recommended when painting over glossy or semi-gloss surfaces.
Prime all metallic surfaces using a metal primer first. Mould and fungus must be permanently removed before applying Clay Decor.

Generally apply two coats of Clay Decor by roller, brush or spry.
Spread the Decor evenly in all directions. On light-coloured even surfaces one coat is sufficient. On very absorbent surfaces such as Gyprock, plaster, sandstone etc. application may be eased by dampening the surface with water or reducing the first coat with up to 5% water. Allow each coat to dry completely before re-painting. Do not reduce final coats. Do not apply in temperatures below 10°C or above 30°C.

VOVOX Clay Decor will normally dry within 6 – 12 hours and may be recoated after. In cold or humid conditions drying time may be lengthened. The Decor will be completely dry and cured after 10 days.

1 litre will cover up to 8 sq. metres depending on texture and porosity of surface.

With water away from drains.



Water, clay coming from various pits, chalk, kaolin, vinegar ester, methylcellulose, titanium dioxide (White Clay Décor only), 0,1% synthetic preservatives.



Even if non-toxic, Clay Decors should be kept out of reach of children.

Store tightly sealed in a cool and dry place. Minimum shelf life for unopened and properly stored cans is 24 months. Protect against frost.



Allow unwanted Clay Decor to dry.
Solid matter should be disposed of via the normal garbage collection service.


HANDY HINTS AND TRICKS when Painting with Volvox Clay Decor



All clay colours can be intermixed and coloured with pigments, pigments pastes and most commercial tints in the NCS colouring system.

Clay Decor mixed with highintensive pigments such as Ultramarine Blue or Violet, Iron Oxide Red must be applied thorough in an even manner.


Note: To maintain washability as well as a smooth and even surface, not more than 5 – 8% of pigments should be added. If more pigmentation is desired, seal painted surface using a suitable sealer such as VOLVOX Wax Finish after it is completely dry.

Clay Decor can be applied in the traditional condensing technique.
The Decor is applied thickly and burnished with the edge of a stainless steel trowel or spatula 5 – 20 minutes after. The friction and pressure draws the water to the surface and creates a level of polish commensurate with the effort. Sand smooth when completely dry and then apply VOLVOX Wax Finish.
Clay Décor can also be modified with fine clean sand or clay powder for more decorative finishes.
Always make a test patch before starting work.


This technical information sheet is intended to provide guidelines for users. Products are guaranteed to give satisfactory performance only if used as recommended. Liability shall be limited to refund of purchase price or the replacement of a defective product. There are no other warranties expressed or implied.



The user is recommended to test the product on the intended surface to ensure its suitability.


Made in Germany

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