VOLVOX Floor Sealer 2-358 Technical Information Sheet


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VOLVOX Floor Sealer 2-358 is thenew high tech water based Volvox floor finishing product that meets the strict EU VOC regulations even beyond the year 2010. The hard wearing clear finish is suitable for all timber floors made of hard and softwood. It is also suitable to seal beautiful Australian hardwood flooring boards and parquetry.
VOLVOX Floor Sealer is self priming and will enhance the appearance of wood colour and grain. The durable silky matt finish is resistant to light and staining.


VOLVOX Floor Sealer 2-358 is ready to use. Hardwoods as well as softwood flooring require three coats of VOLVOX Floor Sealer with no priming.

VOLVOX Floor Sealer 2-358 can also be used on other heavy traffic exposed timber surfaces, bench tops, table tops, doors, windows furniture and children’s toys.


Provide a clean, dry, firm and grease free surface. Timber floor boards and parquetry should be sanded to at least 180 grit. Tropical hardwoods should be degreased using a suitable thinner such as VOLVOX Iso-paraffin.


Stir well and apply first coat in wood grain direction. Use paint brush,roller or floor applicator. Do not apply more than 65 to 75ml per square meter as too liberally applied VOLVOX Floor Sealer will lengthen drying time. Let first coat dry for 2 hours then cut back (sand) surface using 320 grit
sand paper.
Test before sanding between first and second coat.
Provide good ventilation during drying and curing time. Remove dust and apply second and third coat allowing drying of 2 hours between coats.
Do not apply in temperatures below 15°C or above 30°C.
Note that drying on cork and Australian tannin rich wood could be longer than 2 hours.

Depending on surface condition 1 litre will cover 13 - 15 m² per coat.
0.75 litre for approx. 10 m² per coat.
2.5 litre for approx. 33 m² per coat

Clean tools with water after use away from drains.

Store tightly sealed in a cool and dry place. Minimum shelf life for unopened and properly stored cans is 12 months. Protect against freezing.

General Safety Requirements for the application of floor finishing products are in force and must be followed when using VOLVOX Floor Sealer. Provide adequate ventilation during and after application. Do not smoke and avoid skin contact. Please keep away from children.

Allow unwanted paint to dry. Solid matter should be disposed of via the normal garbage collection service.

The user is recommended to test the product on the intended surface to ensure its suitability.

Viscosity (at 20 degree Celsius)
70sec at 4mm

DIN culp.
EC 71/3 suitable for coating children’s toys
EU-DIN 53160 saliva and perspiration proof.
EU-DIN 68861/1B Exposure to chemicals.
R 20, 21, 22.
R 36, 38
R 43
VOC <130g/l (EU VOC regulation)

Made in Germany