Clay Construction and Safe Painting

 This presentation, was very informative, we all learnt from Hans' extensive experience with natural paint.

 We have recorded some of the discussion, and present it here to share it with you.

Healthy Home: Clay Paint on the walls.

Painting Question: Clay Decor Colours on Lime Render


Painting Question: Diluting Volvox clay Decor Natural Paint.



Painting Question: Is Volvox Natural Paint available everywhere?


Healthy Home: Controlling Humidity, ventilating your home.


Painting Question: Painting over limewashed mud bricks.



Clay Construction and Safe Painting


Is Clay the healthiest building material?

Is “Natural Paint” a misleading expression?

Learn how to paint perfectly using the safest paints.

There will be a presentation and QandA by the founder and Managing Director of Ecotec Paints and Clayboard Construction, Mr Hans Willi Babka, Germany.


10 July 2011, Sunday, 3pm to 6pm at Amma Earth Products, 17/26 Megalong Street, Katoomba NSW 2780


11 July 2011, Monday, 3pm to 6pm at Amma Earth Products, 17/26 Megalong Street, Katoomba NSW 2780


13 July 2011, Wednesday, 3pm to 6pm at Eco at Home, 507 Willoughby Road, Willoughby NSW 2068


These sessions are FREE!

If you’re an Architect, Builder, Specifier, Painter, Designer, Decorator or DIYer who is about to build or paint, you’ll want to be there!


1.      Find out that there is a paint that is actually good for you!

2.      See the latest colours from Europe. Do you need to add a dash of cayenne, a pinch of chilli or a generous dollop of cream?

3.      Hear the news direct from the founder and MD of Ecotec Natural Paints, Hans Willi Babka.

4.      Find out first hand. Become an expert in sustainable building and painting.


Hans Willi Babka is a Chemist and Building Biologist who develops paint and building products that

1. cause no harm to the workers or the environment during manufacturing,

2. cause no danger to the people who use the products,

3. pose no danger to inhabitants that live or work where the products have been used and

4. when finally disposed of, do no harm to the environment.


 Volvox Clay Decor