How does your Garden Grow?


Kids gardening

When you teach your children about plants and get them involved in gardening, you are be giving them a hobby they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, a hobby that can provide them with healthy organic food, or flowers to bring joy to their lives and trees to keep their air clean and perhaps provide fruit.
Children absolutely LOVE eating vegetables they have grown themselves (yes even Brussels Sprouts – they’re so cute!). The growing of food eventually leads to an interest in cooking, another useful life skill.


Childs gardening hand tools
For toddlers, the lightweight hand held plastic tools are perfect. They can be used to help in the garden or played with in the sandpit where there is no risk of damaging young plants. The chunky handles provide a good child's grip and are comfortably shaped.
A good story reinforces what they have learnt at play;
Green Start Board Book - In the Garden


Designed with child ergonomics in mind, the two-handled watering can looks great and is an essential in these times of water restrictions


Childs Watering Can


The 1.5 Litre volume means there is enough water to make it worthwhile but not so much that it is too heavy when full. 3 favourite colours.



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Book Uno's Garden


Uno’s Garden is a great story about the environment and losses caused by urbanization, and the subsequent recovery. Kids love finding the quirky animals in the pictures, which involves a counting and math lesson on every page.  This story easily leads to discussions about conservation.

Safety is always a top priority and gardening gloves not only keep hands clean, they give full protection from microbes in the soil.


Childs gardening gloves



Twigz kids gardening gloves have PVC dots on the palm to provide a non-slip grip, elastic in the wristband ensures the gloves do not fall off.


Childs gardening gloves latex very small


Latex kids gardening gloves, purple with yellow and green trim.


School-aged Kids


The environment is a topical subject, frequently appearing in school projects. An understanding about plants will give your child a better understanding of the issues relating to world environment.


Kids gardening


For older children the long handled tools enable them to be real gardeners. 
Of excellent quality and fully functional, these child-sized tools are perfect for enabling your child to help with planting, hoeing, raking and sweeping.
Ergonomically designed for growing bodies;

ideal for ages 5+.


Childs long handled gardening tools


The set comes in a large box pack, it’s bound to be the biggest (and the best) present at a birthday party!


Gardening keeps children active and involved and provides a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with them.