Directions on how to use esential oils:

1. Bath - use 3-6 drops of oil in a bath.

2. Vapouriser - use 3-6 drops in a burner (be sure to use a beeswax Tlight candle!) Refer: Why


3. Massage - 1 drop of oil to 2ml of a carrier oil eg hemp, almond, jojoba, flaxseed.

4. Inhale Steam - 2-3 drops.

5. Create your own moisturiser,shampoo,conditioner by adding a few drops to unscented moisturiser or shampoo.


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General Cautions:

Do not take essential oils by mouth unless under the guidance of a Health Care Professional.

Do not use during pregnancy without the advice of a Health Care Professional.

Essential Oils should not be applied to the skin undiluted.
Make sure you store Esssential oils in a dry, dark place and away from heat.

Keep all oils away from children.

Store below 30c





































Aromatherapy is the blending Essential Oils for therapuetic use. 
Essential Oils are extracts taken from tiny oil glands in the flowers, roots, stalks, bark,

seeds, leaves, gum or rind of the plant, with Essential Oil having unique therapuetic properties.
Essential Oils are usually diluted in oil or water before they have contact with your body.

Hemp Oil is a perfect carrier for aromatherapy oils.
Essential Oils can vary in the smell and quality from year to year depending on the climate just

like vintage wine.  we have used aromatic plant oils for thousands of years as incense, perfumes

and cosmetics.
The term aromatherapy first came about by a French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. He was

fascinated with the oils after discovering by accident that lavender was able to heal a severe

burn on his hand. In 1904 Cuthbert hall found that eucalyptus was used as an antiseptic. Dr Jean

Valnet used essential oils for the treatment of specific medical and psychiatric disorders.


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