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Hovex Clothes Moth Trap helps to protect your clothes and furnishings from costly moth damage. It is a sticky trap with a lure to bring the moths out of your woolens into the trap, where they remain, stuck in the glue.

The lure contains the moth's sex pheromone, so it is specific in targeting the clothes moth, not other insects. These traps work fantastically at attracting the adult clothes moth, not the larvae which do the damage to your clothes. So the aim is to stop the moths from laying eggs, so you dont get larvae.

The packet contains one flatpack trap and a lure. To assemble the trap, you open up the cardboard trap and lay it flat, printed side down, and remove the cover paper off the sticky glue. You'll see the square marked "place lure here". Next remove the lure from its sachet, and just place the whole lure on the sticky trap where indicated, taking care not to cover the lure .

Then make a triangle or tent shaped cubby out of the trap by putting the tab on one end through the slot on the other end. It's ready to go!

One trap is enough per room, use two traps in larger rooms.

The lure is effective for 3 months from the time you opened the sachet.