Bottle Brush Large, wool top


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This brush is 50cms long, and will reach right to the very bottom of the bottle or vase and get those hard-to-get-to bits that can be so frustrating to clean out!

As is, the bristles have a 5cm diameter, they squash up of course to get through tight openings. The twisted wire has approximately a 0.5cm diameter. The wad of wool on the end makes it easy to clean every last bit of grunge out of your bottle or vase, leaving it perfectly clean!

The loop on the end makes it easy to hang on a nail or screw. Keep it on the inside of the 'under the sink' cupboard door so it's always at hand when you need it! Plus, hanging it means it dries between uses, and the bristles don't get squashed by other things lying on top of it.

Keep the kitchen organised!