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EVER ECO Reusable Muslin Produce Bags


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EVER ECO Reusable Muslin Produce Bags Large 4 Pack. Fruit and Veg bags for when you buy things that need to be weighed together. A dozen apricots or a bunch of grapes, a bag to keep them organised saves time and effort! These bags are organic cotton, definitely a preferred material when it comes to food storage. Cotton bags dont snag like the nylon bags. Best of all, when they finally need replacing, after a decade or so, they can be composted. If you dont have a garden and they go into landfill, at least you know they will break down quickly, and not sit in the ground for centuries (literally) like nylon bags.

This Set contains 4 x Large bags (approx 30 x 40cm)

Made from premium, unbleached GOTS Certified Organic cotton.

The tare weight of each bag is stated on the tag.
Sturdy drawstring closure keeps your items secure.

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