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Fruit and Veg Bag - Mesh Bag


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A certified organic mesh produce bag, so that you can live totally free of plastic bags! These bags are sturdy, strong enough for heavy things, tough enough to withstand the stalks of fruit that might snag nylon bags.

This is 1 x Single, MESH - 25 x 28 cm organic cotton drawstring bag.

If you're going 'plastic-free', these are an essential piece of kit. Every environmentally conscious consumer will be using these, especially for organic produce, but even if you don't buy organic, you'll be cutting down on plastics, which is a good step forward!

This fruit and veggie bag is made from organic cotton, so it is in itself a sustainable product, and being cotton it is totally biodegradable when it does eventually wear out.

So that is 3 x sustainable:
1 - sustainably made from organic cotton
2 - enabling you to live sustainably by going plastic free
3 - sustainable at end of life because it's biodegradable, it won't stay in landfill for centuries.

Pick, Pack and Store your fruits and vegetables safely and sustainably. It just makes so much sense. This fruit and veg bag is a reusable alternative to the trow-away plastic bags.

This grocery bag is machine washable.

Perfect for fruit, veggies, nuts and bulk foods.

Certified Organic Cotton, without any packaging. Just the bag.

1 x Single, MESH - 22 x 28 cm

Made Sustainably in India
Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Cotton.