Fruit and Veg Bag - Mushroom Blackout Bag

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So you've completely removed plastics from your shopping trip, but the mushrooms still come home in their brown paper bag. That's not so bad, at least it isnt plastic, the paper can be composted. But did you know that there is an alternative? This is a Blackout Bag designed especially to keep mushrooms fresher longer!

Blackout bags are ideal for keeping mushrooms fresh and dry until you need them. You know mushrooms like to be kept in the dark, right?!

The bag is cotton, with a black lining. The top has a draw string, and in the side there is a zipper, so you can remove mushrooms from the bottom of the bag without disturbing the top of the bag, so you're always taking the older mushrooms. That's stock rotation made easy!
Now that's being organised!

And being cotton, this Mushroom bag is machine washable.

Dimensions: 25cm x 18cm

Avanti Mushroom Bag.

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