Fermentation Crock 3L White


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This SCHMITT Fermentation Crock is a superior quality stoneware fermentation pot.

This Stoneware Crock is kiln fired at 1260°C and then finished with a natural mud glaze and fired again. The glaze is like glass, and does not absorb water nor does it house harmful bacteria. This essential feature of these stoneware crocks is the reason why they are so perfect for the fermenting process, because cleanliness is all important to allow the yeast to prosper. The SCHMITT Fermentation Crocks facilitate a gentle fermentation process where lactic acid bacteria is given optimum conditions for development, allowing the biological preservation to takes its course. The two-piece stone weight is required to ensure that the vegetables being fermented are below the level of liquid in the sauerkraut pot and create the pressure necessary for lactic acid fermentation, and it makes it easy to see if there is sufficient liquid. (The two halves are so that you can get them into the pot easily)

Why Ferment?
Fermented foods help promote balance in the digestive system and act as a natural probiotic. Fermented foods have numerous health benefits,
such as: boosted energy, stronger immunity, better digestion and so much more. The use of ferments is not new, mead, cider, sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass, kefir, kombucha, creme fraiche, cheese, sourdough, they've all been a thing for centuries. Fermenting has been revived as a domestic skill for good reason – it’s all about a healthy gut being the basis of a healthy body.

SCHMITT are German experts in ceramics & stoneware and have been for 80 years. Production is 100% German.