Silicone Not-So-Sili Wraps 4pk


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A Pack of 4 Reusable Silicone Food Wraps. Suitable for Baking, Wrapping, Sealing and Covering Food!

Use Sili=Wraps instead of Aluminium Foil, Plastic Clingwrap, Sandwich Bags and Baking Paper.

These wraps are:
100% Food Grade Silicone,
Totally Non-toxic,
Free of PVS, and LEAD free,
Heat & cold resistant
Soft & non-deformable (so they stay in shape!)
Stretch to twice their size!

The four sizes are colour coded, so you know which one you need.

The sizes are:
Mini - 12.5cm x 12.5cm
Small - 16 x 16cm
Medium - 21 x 21cm
Large - 28 x 28cm

To clean, just wash in warm soapy water and drape over dishrack or bench edge to dry.

Suitable for use in the Fridge, Freezer, Microwave and Oven.

Also available in a pack of 1 x Jumbo Size, an Extra Large wrap for baking trays, serving trays etc. 30cm x 40cms.