The Australian Native Garden


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A practical Guide by Angus Stewart and A.B.Bishop.
A Native Garden is resilient, and brings the joys of wildlife companionship! You can include native food plants too! This book is full of expert advice and practical tips to plan and create that garden.

The book is divided into sections to make it easy to use.

This is an authoritative and practical book, written in an approachable and accessible style. The Australian Native Garden provides expert information on the fundamentals such as soils, cultivation techniques, pruning, fertilising and maintenance. It also looks at different styles of garden design, using Australian plants not only for aesthetic reasons but for creating droughtproof gardens, fire resistant gardens, and environments attractive to native fauna as well. Growing your own bush foods is also covered. Highly illustrated and information-packed, The Australian Native Garden showcases some of the best designed Australian gardens and explores rural areas around Australia where indigenous species thrive in the wild, representing a fascinating source of inspiration and information.

The section showcasing examples of native gardens is full of inspirational but very achievable ideas!

This is a large hardback book of 288 pages.