Artisanal Small-Batch Brrewing


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Artisanal Small-Batch Brrewing by Amber Shehan - founder of Pixie's Pocket. Easy Home-made Wines, Beers, Meads and Ciders.

It's so much more than home brewed beer! Think cocktails, Meads, Wines, Ciders, Grains and Hops, Syrups, Vinegars, and how to use your brews in cooking.

Amber Shehan's brewing recipes incorporate commonly found herbs, wildflowers, fruits and other plants. If you're seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness through brewing your own, you'll find this book to be a fun, unique way to do just that!

You will love adding the healing benefits of herbs to your drinks to support your natural and holistic lifestyles. Recharge at the end of a long day with a soothing glass of Rose Hip & Elderberry Wine, or sip a refreshing glass of Blackberry Cider on a sunshiny afternoon. Choose between the indulgent Dandelion Root Chocolate Stout, the light, floral Elderflower Saison, or the classic Chamomile Pale Ale.

Amber specially designed her recipes to make a single one-gallon batch of each drink, so you can sample each of these thirst-quenching beverages guilt- (and waste-) free. Holistic healing has never tasted so good or been so much fun!

The book contains 65 recipes and 65 photos, plus accompanying process photos to really help you get it right!.

176 pages of home brewing fun!