Glow - The Nutritional Approach To Naturally Gorgeous Skin


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Glow - The Nutritional Approach To Naturally Gorgeous Skin by Nadia Neumann. Do you have their problem skin? Do you feel your skin is out of control? Everyone’s skin can glow from the inside out by making a switch to a real-food diet and all-natural skin care routine. Nadia cured herself of the skin issues that plagued her for much of her life, including acne and constantly inflamed, irritated skin, through diet, detoxing her skin of chemical-laden beauty products and lifestyle changes. In Glow, Nadia presents the knowledge and experience she gained on her journey, backed by cutting-edge scientific research. Nadia’s approach is two-fold. She presents practical nutrition information and recipes to inform and help you reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar, heal your gut and balance the hormones in your body that affect skin. She then exposes the “ugly side” of the beauty industry and teaches you how to detox your skin from harsh, commercial products and transition to a natural skin care routine. The book includes 20 delicious and simple cooking recipes using superfood ingredients that nourish skin from the inside, as well as 20 tried-and-true DIY skin care products that nourish skin from the outside. All together, you get a winning formula that will make your body radiate with natural beauty, give you more confidence and transform your life.
This book has 20 food recipes, 20 DIY skin products and 60 photos.
Dimensions: 22.9 and 20.4 cm