Be Your Own Herbalist


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Be Your Own Herbalist by Michelle Schroffro Cook, PhD, DNM - bestselling author of "The 4 Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan". Be Your Own Herbalist provides all the information you need to become savvy home herbalists who can grow, use, and heal with these powerful medicines.
With this book in hand you can feel confident that you are using herbs safely and effectively. It profiles the 30 most common and most effective herbs, each of which is easy to grow and enjoy regardless of the local climate. Or, the information can be used with fresh herbs purchased from farmers markets or supermarkets.

Each section provides information about its historical uses, detailed growing instructions and harvesting guidelines, latest research that showcases the herb’s effectiveness for common and even serious health conditions, and recipes to use the herb safely and effectively.

There are fun facts such as that rosemary can boost your brain power and memory and possibly assist hair growth and that garlic is known as the stinking rose, but also important scientific discoveries such as that lemon balm (a member of the mint family) can eliminate headaches, manage chronic fatigue, and reduce insomnia; calendula (marigold) helps fight gingivitis and assists with wound healing;; and cilantro can help lower cholesterol.

Included are recipes for teas, salves, delicious meals, bath salts and scrubs, and simple suggestions for incorporating fragrant herbs into our everyday lives and diet.

The essential herbs presented in this comprehensive guide are culinary and medicinal, with most easily incorporated into daily meals or steeped into beverages. But, don’t stop there! They’re great for soothing damaged skin, healing cuts and bruises, relieving stress, and energizing tired minds.

You will learn how to use herbs, both medicinal and culinary. You’ll learn how these powerhouses provided by Mother Nature can be a part of daily life, and this change could be the simplest, most effective way to improve health and longevity.

Michelle Schoffro Cook studied herbs and weaned herself from her medication when the side effects of her “life-­saving” medication became worse than the disorder that had started the drug regimen. That was 25 years ago, and she has remained active and healthy using nutrition and herbs. As she relates, Big Pharma has become a system of profitability, where the person and individual needs are forgotten in the race for bigger, better, more expensive treatment options. In fact, the process of isolating single compounds and synthesizing them in a laboratory results in the harmful and sometimes life-­threatening side-­effects that herbs do not have. Most herbs contain dozens and sometimes hundreds of healing compounds that work best (and cause the fewest side-­effects) in synergy. In many cases, the herbs are actually more effective than our best drug medicines.

Pharmaceuticals save lives, but all too often they are used to deal with ailments that are much more holistically treated with herbs.

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