The Essential Guide to Essential Oils


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The Essential Guide to Essential Oils - The Secret to Vibrant Health and Beauty by Roberts Wilson. This book is full of practical information. No pictures. The book is divided into 4 sections, each a treasure trove of useful info.
Part 1 outlines selecting storing etc of essential oils, hydrosols and carrier oils. This part covers 44 pages.
Part 2 discusses 44 essential oils in detail, using the headings 'Folklore and Herbal Heritage', 'Medicinal Uses', 'Beauty Benefits', 'Emotional Effects', 'Hydrosol Uses', and 'Precautions'. This part covers 88 pages.
Part 3 Outlines ways to use Aromatherapy. An A-Z from Air Fresheners to Steam Inhalations. This part covers 17 pages.
Part 4 Gives detailed instructions on how to treat about 60 conditions using essential oils. There are recipes and suggestions for many common ailments which can benefit from treatment with oils. This is the largest part and is is 156 pages.

This is a great resource book if you want to make and use your own products.

From the publisher: Essential oils are powerful, safe, and toxin-free tools for healing the body, mind, and spirit that have been around for centuries. Now, offering specific, easy-to-follow recipes to prevent illness, reduce stress, enhance physical and mental health, boost energy, and even revitalize appearance, The Essential Guide to Essential Oils gives readers all the information they need to tap into this healing art and take charge of their health, including- - An extensive A-to-Z list of common conditions and their essential oils remedies - The basic principles of using essential oils, as well as the history, effects, and correct application of the most powerful healing recipes - Techniques and tools for using plant essences and oils-from atomizers and baths to compresses and inhalants - Unique beauty-care treatments for rejuvenating skin, hair, and body The Essential Guide to Essential Oils teaches a healthier, more balanced, and sustainable lifestyle, helping readers start using essential oils in their daily lives-whether they've been doing so for years, or are just starting out.

Previously published as 'Aromatherapy'.