What Am I Supposed To Eat?


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What Am I Supposed to Eat? puts you back in control of your food choices. It is an easy-to-read comprehensive approach to the science of how our bodies work and how we can best support them nutritionally. This book is a fork in the road when it comes to better understanding your food, your body, your appetite and what you are supposed to eat. From knowing which food trends to follow, whether being gluten or dairy free is for you and how your genetics influence how food behaves in your body. It explains why you need to be thinking about what your food eats (yes, that's right, it matters how well your food was raised!) It also looks into what to eat for great sleep and how to talk to young girls about food, through to taking a practical approach about where you get your nutrition advice from. This book is the go-to guide for making informed choices about food that won't go out of date.

This is the latest book by ten times number one best-selling author Dr Libby Weaver. It makes sense of the food confusion in a practical, inspirational and visually beautiful book. It is so beautiful it can serve as a coffee table book, which is a usefull place for a book so full of vital life information! Dip into it regularly so that the knowledge becomes second nature, and you are no longer confused or easily mislead about food.

For so many people today, food is complicated. We're told to make healthy choices yet this could include anything from an apple to a packet of sugar-free biscuits. We have lost touch with how much to eat, how often and how our food choices are impacting on our health - and then there are those all-consuming moments when we feel like no amount of food could satisfy our hungry hearts. Don't be stressed by the fear of the unknown, get to know, really know and understand, how and what to eat.

What am I Supposed to Eat? has 312 pages, with beautiful photos and illustrations!